Sunday, 6 November 2016

South India Days

Been staying in Bangalore for about 3 months. It's a good place to stay and work. Will share some of the moments I have had with friends and colleague. 

With Piyush @ Tito's Lane 
 One of the best place to be in India. Party mode 24x7 . 

Drawing room of the flat where I stay :)
Woke up one day and found it to be quite a peaceful morning. Probably the last time I am going to stay beside a main road. It's crazy out here. 

Lunch somewhere in the outskirts of Bangalore
Lunch stop on the way to Belguam.  

Saravana's car breaking down @ Jamboti 
Everything broke down on the final day. Crazy night it was.  I still loved that VW logo though. 

With Rokesh @ Nandi Hills 
If only they could allow us to cook and make a good Manipuri picnic up in the hills :) 

Traffic view from flat :(
One of those pathetic views of traffic. Why will anyone want to stay here?  

With Rokesh @ Mysore wax museum 
Went to see Mysore Palace. Saw only the Museum and came back as we did not have VIP pass for Mysore Dusshera. The wax museum is a good idea.  People should check out more often. 

Saravana's car towing away to Hubli 
Thought they would come in a truck and carry. They came in 407. Uffs! 

Bangalore FC vs Johar :) 
One of the best nights in Bangalore. Wild atmosphere. The local club won and went to AFC finals. Go Blues. Weeeee! 

Hope to have better days ahead. God bless everyone! :)